SINAI is a San Francisco based technology company focused on transforming the way project developers, companies and governments measure, monitor, price, analyze risk and trade carbon emissions around the world.

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Our Mission

& Values

We are passionate about technology and the environment, and our mission is to engage companies and governments to include carbon analysis in their entire operations, transforming the way they interact with their own business, others, and the environment.

A company’s commitment to carbon assessments and monitoring will soon be a requirement for participation in capital markets, especially after 2020 when the Paris Agreement becomes mandatory for all 159 signatory countries. SINAI  is providing the knowledge to unlock future capital growth as well as climate risk mitigation, carbon emissions disclosure and operations efficiency.

Our Team

Our team is composed of a multidisciplinary pool of professionals in the spaces of sustainability, climate finance, businesses, technology, product development, and innovation. We value people from different cultures and locations, and we have a policy of gender, age and cultural balance.

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