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SINAI is a San-Francisco-based technology company focused on automating the way companies monitor, price, analyze risk
 and reduce carbon emissions around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide organizations the technology necessary to build deep decarbonization strategies.
Our tools engage organizations to automate carbon analysis and reporting for their entire operation, transforming the way they interact with their business,
 value chain, & the environment.

Our Values


We lead with the heart, we praise ethics, peace, integrity, honesty, friendship, positivism, optimism, intuition and humility.


We're driven, we take ownership, we default to action and don't wait for others to take the lead. We move forward and make progress, we're curious and engaged.


We're a diverse team of people, with all genders, colors, ages, backgrounds and interests. We're empathetic not only to all humans, but to all living beings. We listen and we learn from others.

Scientific & Data-Driven

We take action based on facts, with a balance of intuitive approaches. We love to learn, ask questions, grow from new information, and educate ourselves in curious and constructive ways.

Community Builder

We love and respect our community's boundaries. We're open-minded but also protective of a safe space to share and be ourselves. We love breakfast and we know a good zoom background when we see it :)

The Founders

Alain Rodriguez

Co-founder & CTO
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Early-stage Uber employee, founding member and tech lead of Uber’s Knowledge Graph, Data Infrastructure team, and Realtime Business Metrics platform; 12+ yrs of experience in large scale distributed systems and embedded systems.

Maria Fujihara

Founder & CEO
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Architect and urban planner with 13+ yrs of expertise in sustainable certifications; previous coordinator of the Brazilian Green Building Council; Advisor to Project Drawdown; graduate of Singularity University at NASA Research Park in Mountain View, CA.

Join the team!

Help us to reverse climate change by changing the way corporations operate, and tackling the problem at its root!

We are always looking for like-minded people to join the team.

See open positions, or drop us a line.

Diverse Team of Experts

Olena Klivtsova

Product manager

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Product Manager with a background in Design and Business Analysis; certified by Product School San Francisco, with expertise in UX Design, Interfaces, and Product development.

Dean Granoff

Strategic Partnerships

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Dean has nearly a decade of experience at the intersection of climate finance, clean energy, and high growth technology companies. Prior to SINAI, he led North American business development at a fintech platform for renewable energy investors and global business development.

Caio Porciuncula

Sustainability Expert

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Caio has been developing projects around climate change, renewables and clean technologies for over twelve years. He is a sustainability expert and has a degree in Environment Engineering. When he is not thinking about how to reduce climate change impacts he is in contact with nature and practicing sports.

Ben Kramer

Full stack developer

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Ben rises promptly at 6am and after a healthy breakfast, and playing with his cat Shirley, he puts on his engineer hat and tries to solve climate change with Javascript and React. Prior to SINAI, he worked at Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group and the Uber Movement public data platform
 for 4 years.

Johanna Rocker

Customer Success Manager

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Focused on creating awesome user experiences for tech startups since 2017. Johanna speaks 3 languages and has 7 years of international experience in impact evaluation, content creation,
 and change & account management.

Ariel Lozovsky

Marketing Manager

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Ariel is a climate change optimist.
 When she’s not creating content around reversing climate change, she’s climbing rocks or petting dogs.
 Before joining the SINAI team, she was working on marketing in the gaming industry.

Aaron Acosta

Front-end Developer

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When Aaron is not fostering rescue dogs or watching Avatar, he is building software to reverse climate change. Beyond his degree in Computer Science, he also holds a master’s in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Stanford University. Prior to SINAI, worked at and at Carbon Lighthouse, an energy savings-as-a-service company.

Matt Cotter

Back-end Developer

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Matt has been writing software for over a decade and has expertise in low level optimization and scale. Prior to SINAI he worked at Hudson River Trading and MongoDB. Matt spends his free time gardening at home and volunteering for local native habitat restoration projects.

Felipe Scholz

Sales and Customer Success

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Felipe has been helping customers to solve company challenges using technology for over 5 years. With broad experience in sales, customer success, & marketing he will help SINAI's customers become even more successful on their corporate journey to decarbonization.

Key Advisors & Collaborators

Travis Granfar

Sales & Marketing

Marco Fujihara

Partnerships & Carbon Markets

Roberto Strumpf

Climate Finance Expert

Arthur Cortez

Climate Finance Expert

Betty Cremmins

Strategy & Carbon Markets

Adam Hayes

Business & Design

Zach Coelius

Finance & Innovation

Tommy Leep

Strategy & Fundraising

Serena Mau

Carbon Markets


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