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SINAI's experts provide software & sustainability support to help enterprises reach their targets
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GHG emissions

Training on how to use the system to identify carbon-intensive facilities, processes and emission sources

System configuration (business structure set up, historical GHG Inventories)

...built for decarbonization

Identify a common framework for carbon strategy and accounting

Connect business objectives to software outcomes

Provide your organisation with the structure to successfully measure, report analyse and reduce emissions


Understand climate risk...

Define external parameters which can impact in company’s emission

Operational, environmental & financial
data processing

Training on how to manage and read Marginal Abatement & Levelized Cost Curves

... & evaluate opportunities

Identify projected emission factors

Create multiple baseline scenarios

Support in evaluation of technical and economic feasibility for mitigation option implementation


Identify reduction pathways...

System configuration (set up of mitigation
option types with data provided by the

Option for expert support in identifying mitigation projects for modeling transition to a
low-carbon economy

Identify sector specific mitigation options

Define relation between mitigation projects and GHG Inventories

Set an SBTi-compliant target based on reduction strategy


Implement internal
carbon pricing...

Define boundaries for ICP rollout across multiple segments

Governance assessments to evaluate whether ICP is sufficiently contributing to business objectives

...and fund
decarbonization projects

Support companies to configure best internal carbon pricing approaches relative to business objectives

Form financial and environmental scenarios based on internal decarbonization pathways and external policies

Value Chain Management

Bring your entire value chain on one platform...

Configuration support

Identify best allocation methodology

Form strategy around supplier engagement

...& build carbon
neutral products

Develop specific allocation methodology
for each product

Provide basis for scope 3 reporting

Analysis for long term decarbonization strategy across value chain

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Measure and report Scope 1-3 emissions
Forecast future
Low-Carbon Scenarios
Explore emission reduction opportunities
Carbon Pricing
Quantify targets, emissions gaps, prices, & budgets
Value Chain Management
Work with your value chain to decarbonize products

Join the carbon-free revolution

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